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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who must register with SACE?

A: Educators employed at:

  • Public schools. These are educators employed in terms of the Employment of Educators Act of 1998 and the South African Schools Act of 1996)
  • Recognised independent schools,
  • Further Education and Training Institutions (employed in terms of the FET Act of 1998),
  • Adult learning centers (ABET).
  • Waldorf and Montessori centers
  • ECD educators with a minimum NQF level 4 ECD qualifications employed in public and independent schools in Grade R.
  • Foreign educators as per Council Resolution of 2008.
Q: Why must educators register with SACE?

A: In terms of the SACE Act, "no person may be employed as an educator by any employer unless the person is registered with the Council.”

Q: Is it necessary for educators to come with their original diplomas or degrees when registering at SACE offices?

A: Educators must always bring certified copies of their qualifications (certificates). Certification should be clear, with original stamp stating “true copy of original”, and no later than 6 months old.

Q: Is it possible for educators to post their application forms instead of coming to the office for registration?

A: We prefer this process. Educators should post their application forms and certified copies of their qualifications & identity document, and a postal order of R200 for South African educators and R400 for foreign educators as payment for registration, by registered mail.

Q: Should educators collect their certificates from the SACE offices?

A: No. Registration certificates will be posted to educators as soon as application forms are received and processed in the office (six weeks from the date received in the office).

Q: Are educators allowed to come and register at the SACE offices?

A: Our operations are not designed to process hundreds of walk-in applications. Therefore, we do accommodate limited numbers of educators who want to register directly at our offices, but this could result in applicants waiting for too long before they could be registered and issued with registration certificates, depending on the length of the queue.

Q: Can I e-mail or fax my application form?

A: No. The office must have the original application form, as well as certified copies of qualifications and supporting documents. However, we are making preparations to utilize online applications – for provisional registration, which would be converted to full registration status as soon as we receive posted applications.

Q: How can you help a prospective educator who is still studying towards a diploma or degree in education or if he is supplementing one or two subjects and he wants to register?

A: We register the prospective educator provisionally in their final year of study. This provisional registration status would allow the person to receive a confirmation letter (with an expiry date). Once the prospective educator qualifies as an educator, he/she should supply the SACE office with certified copies of the certificates and identity document, to qualify for full registration. (For South African educators only.)

Please note:    For provisional registration, proof of registration (not a computer printout, student card, or statement of accounts,  and preferably not a statement of results.) towards professional qualification, is required for students in their final year of study. Those who are employed and not yet qualified, or not in their final year, must submit a letter of employment alongside their proof of registration in field of study.

Q: When do you register someone conditionally?

A: In line with the ELRC collective agreement, a person (specialist) who is employed to teach at a school/college, without professional (educational) qualifications, could be accorded this form of provisional registration.

Please note:    For Provisional (conditional) registration, a letter of recommendation from the employer should accompany the application.

Q: Does SACE accommodate ECD educators?

A: Yes, as per the Resolution of 2004, we register educators at Grade R in both public and independent schools.

Q: What qualification should the ECD educator possess?

A: An ECD qualification at NQF level 4 from an accredited institution.

Q: Does SACE register educators who are not South African Nationals (foreign educators)?

A: Yes, but subject to the following conditions (as stated in the Council Resolution on the registration of foreign educators of 8 March and 27 July 2006 and 4 June 2008):

  • All foreign qualifications to be evaluated by the Department of Education (DoE) or South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) before application for registration.
    The following documents should be submitted together with the application form:
    • Certified copies of professional qualifications.Valid Proof of legal entry into the country (e.g. passport, visa, asylum seekers permit)
    • Letter of 'good ethical and professional standing' (Council must verify the authenticity in due course)
    • Letter of employment or pending employment at a school based in South Africa.
  • Refugees and Asylum seekers will be granted a different dispensation on submission of relevant documentation.
  • Provisional registration will be granted for 12 months only.
  • The registration fee for foreign educators be set at double the amount payable by South African nationals.
Q: What is the Letter of Good Ethical and Professional Standing?

A. A letter from the licensing body or education ministry that says your right to teach has never been suspended, revoked or cancelled.

The Statement of Professional Standing provides us with information regarding your past professional practice as a teacher. For example, it tells us whether your authorization to teach has ever been taken away for disciplinary reasons or whether you would still be welcome to teach in that country, province or state. If educator was previously not an educator in their country of origin, then a testimonial from the last Higher Education institution attended is required.

The statement must:

  • Verify that you were authorized to teach in that jurisdiction
  • State that your authorization was never suspended, cancelled or revoked
  • Come from the licensing authority or department of education
  • Be an original and signed by the appropriate official
  • Not be more than one year old when we receive it 
Q: Who must write letter of Good Ethical and Professional standing?

A. The letter must be from the Council for Educators or the Ministry of Education in their country of origin.        

 For educators who have just qualified, a letter of Good Ethical Standing (testimonial) should be drafted by the Higher Education Institution where the professional qualification was acquired.

Q: Is there any financial contribution educators have to make apart from the once off registration fee?

A: Yes. All educators must pay a monthly levy of R10.00. Private institutions are obliged to contribute an annual amount of R120.00 per educator. Those employed at registered public schools, fees are deducted by Persal via their pay slips. Those educators, whose fees are not being deducted, or those of whom are registered but unemployed, are required to make necessary arrangements for payment.

Q: Does it mean that I am automatically registered if my employer is deducting R10.00 monthly from my salary, in favour of SACE?

A: No. To be registered you have to apply for registration by completing the application form and submitting supporting documents.

Q: Can I get a copy if I lose or misplace my certificate?

A: Yes. A letter of request (clearly stating Name, Surname, SACE Number & I.D. Number and Postal Address) should be forwarded to the SACE office, together with a fee of R50 Postal order/Cheques, before a copy could be printed. Once again this will take 6 weeks from receipt of documents at SACE.

Q: How long does it take for one to get registered?

A: The process takes six weeks, including postage to and from the office for SA educators and three months for foreign educators.

Q: What are SACE working hours and contact numbers?

A: SACE office is open for service from 08h00 to 16h30, Monday to Friday.

Contact numbers are as follows:

(012) 663 9517


Postal address: Private Bag X127, Centurion, 0046

Physical address: 240 Lenchen Avenue, Centurion, 0046

We invite all educators to visit our website at:  

Contact details for evaluation of foreign qualifications:
Department of Basic Education (DBE), telephone (+27 12 357 3000)
or South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), telephone (+27 12 431 5000)