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The South African Council for Educators (SACE) has gone through a process of redefining its scope, role, and functions with the aim of strengthening some of its areas of focus. In doing so, SACE has put the role of promoting research on profession matters as one of its main priorities. This role will see SACE strengthening its functions in terms of:

  • coordinating and undertaking research on professional matters for purposes of informing SACE programmes, Council decisions, national policies, advising the Ministers of Education, Council and the profession as a whole;
  • ensuring that at all times that the advisory functions are informed by consultations (where necessary), evidence-based research, and information in the registration database, ethics database, and the CPTD Information System;
  • publicising and disseminating research findings through various channels;
  • Conceptualising and developing programmes that will promote practitioner based research (by educators). This will contribute to their professional development and to the profession as a whole; and
  • Supporting all the SACE Divisions and units on policy, research, planning, and monitoring and evaluation matters.

SACE began realising the role of promoting research on professional matters by developing a research policy. The aim of the SACE research policy is to provide a framework within which SACE will undertake and/or manage research. The policy has been approved by Council and defines the SACE research scope and focus clearly. The policy states that the SACE research and policy scope should include, amongst others, the following:

  • advisory role (as part of statutory mandate);
  • external education environment;
  • impact analysis (inward looking);
  • sharing of good practices among teachers; and the
  • state of the teaching profession reports.

In terms of the SACE research priorities the policy proposes research for self-renewal (to improve internal efficiencies); size and shape of the training of teachers; understanding teaching as a profession, and the state of the teaching profession.  

In conclusion, SACE will establish and strengthen the existing research partnerships with various research organisations, departments of education, teacher unions, and faculties/schools of education in various Higher Education Institutions. Equally important to this, is that SACE would, as far as possible, involve educators in its research programmes because they are an important component in informing evidence-based research.

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