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In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic and the related national lockdown measures, all the SACE offices are currently not able to process the registration applications, until the lockdown period is over. In the light of this, we have noted the following concerns:


  1. The expiring of the old provisional registration status;

Some concerns were raised about the expiring provisional / conditional registration status, during this lockdown period. Applicants falling into this category have been registered CONDITIONALLY with an understanding that they need to meet certain requirements before they can be awarded the FULL Registration status. We urge applicants falling into this category not to panic because the current lockdown period is beyond everyone’s control. SACE can only be in a position to assist them after the lockdown period.

However, it is important that they satisfy their CONDITIONAL Status requirements as reflected in their SACE Registration Letters received during the time of their first application or application update.

  1. Police Clearance Certificate

When applying for new registration or updating provisional or conditional status, the Police Clearance Certificate should be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue. Consequently, the following scenarios might happen:

Scenario A:

The Police Clearance Certificate that was done in January/February 2020, just before the lockdown period, and posted to SACE with the Registration or Update Application will expire in July/August 2020. Therefore, the certificate will still be valid even after the lockdown period, in May 2020.

Scenario B:

In the worst-case scenario, if the Police Clearance Certificate expires during the lockdown period for whatever reasons, SACE will take the contextual factors into account in processing that Registration Application. That is, each case will be treated on its own merit.

Please note that the Police Clearance certificate must be valid for a period of 6 months form the date of issue.

SACE Management of applications during the lockdown

  1.  Walk-Ins

This refers to applicants who visit one of the SACE offices personally, to register. Since the COVID 19 and lockdown period, SACE has not been able to respond to the walk-ins effectively since it had to observe the COVID 19 directives and restrictions, and might continue to do so after the lockdown period. SACE, like all other service organisations, will await President Ramaphosa’s national address just before the end of April, to make the necessary assessment and decision on the walk-in application.

Postal Services Some of our applicants use the Post Office to send their registration application forms to SACE. The receipt of their applications, by SACE, is largely dependent on the Post Office processes. While, the Post Office has been working during the lockdown period, it should be noted that SACE had a shutdown. Consequently, there will be unavoidable delays in processing these applications and posting them back to the applicants accordingly. SACE would appreciate that applicants write their emails and cell numbers on the registration application forms, so that the registration letters or certificates could be sent electronically while awaiting the originals to be sent through the post-office Online Registration System The SACE is gradually phasing-in the online registration system for all the applications, however currently only first-time applicants can apply using the online registration system.

This system is available via the e-government service portal (  and has been piloted with student teachers in various Higher Education Institutions. The feedback on the pilot is being used to refine the system with the view of opening it widely to all the applicants. Notwithstanding this, there are applicants using the online system already for application purposes. SACE has not been able to process many of the applications through the system because some of the applicants have uploaded the wrong supporting documentation or have not uploaded any supporting documentation. The office has been communicating back to these applicants to upload the required and correct documentation accordingly. Applications done via online will also be attended to after the lockdown period. Post the COVID 19 lockdown period, SACE will finalise all the systems and processes to open up online registration.