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Date : 2017-02-23 15:44:34

Media Statement


23 FEBRUARY 2017

In its commitment to enhancing the SACE image, the Council has successfully managed to attain the following landmarks since April 2016. SACE has managed to register a number of educators in the teaching profession. The current SACE register stands at 348 883. One of the main highlights in the teacher registration was the introduction of the on-site registration. This has been introduced to address the registration needs of educators (provincially and regionally) and to allow them to be registered, have their certificates printed on the spot.

In yet another SACE initiative, the Council will be meeting with all Universities with the hope of addressing alarming concerns of fraudulent qualifications. The SACE February Council meeting resolved that such interactions should be facilitated before the end of the March 2017. It is hoped that such bilateral meetings will address this challenge and yield positive results. Verification will be undertaken into by both Universities and SACE. The Council will also be working with SAQA and Department of Higher Education and Training in ensuring that this phenomenon of fraudulent qualifications is curbed.

Council also resolved to intensify its vetting process for all newly registering educators by checking against the child protection register and working collaboratively with the Department of Social Development. Furthermore, educators have engaged with SACE at various forums including workshops and seminars on the Continuing Professional Development System (CPTD).

The Council noted that the reporting period for both the Principals and Deputy Principals has elapsed after the completion of the first three-year cycle and that not all have submitted their reports, therefore, agreed to extend the reporting period to the end of June 2017 where additional support will be provided. Council would like to applaud all the principals who managed to earn their 150 Professional Development Points, especially the 327 principals and deputy principals who achieved the gold status in their three years Continuing Professional Teacher Development Cycle.

SACE in partnership with the JET Education Services and Zenex Foundation launched the teaching professional practice standards in December 2016. Subsequently, the Standards Development Working Group was established with an ultimate goal of producing the teaching professional practice standards by mid-2018. A parallel consultation process is taking place with both the national and provincial stakeholders. Additionally, both the subject and phase specialists will inform the development process across the 9 provinces during the course of the year.   

Lastly, Council meeting also endorsed the SACE plans of embarking on the vigorous programme of reaching out to the profession in particular at the provincial and regional level and working with the education departments.

SACE has over the years recorded significant achievements, thanks to the support and the commitment demonstrated by educators and other stakeholders. The Council has travelled this far because of the support it has received from educators, stakeholders, and its constituencies.


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