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It is intended that the draft Professional Teaching Standards will fulfil the following purposes:
● Promote a common set of knowledge, skills and commitments across the profession to enhance the learning opportunities of all learners.
● Strengthen the professional identity and enhance the status and public standing of the teaching profession.
● Provide a common language and a vision of the profession that all teachers can use to define and develop their practice.
● Support professional teachers to fulfil their professional roles and responsibilities, from pre-service to in-service teacher.
● Set standards for the providers of teacher education so that their programmes are designed and delivered in a way that enables all pre-service and in-service teacher to meet the standards.
● Provide a framework to guide the whole continuum of educator preparation and development from student selection, pre-service education, provisional registration of newly-qualified teachers, induction, full registration, educator evaluation, continuing professional development and career advancement.
● Facilitate (individual and collaborative): evaluation, reflection and professional development of teacher at all career stages.
● Guide educators to deepen and broaden their professional knowledge, skill and understanding as they gain experience.