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Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA) is an association of the Teaching Regulatory Authorities in African countries. AFTRA is also a subset of the world body of Teaching Councils, called the International Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities, IFTRA. (Please visit IFTRA’s website: )

The organizations that make up AFTRA and IFTRA are established by the statutes of the respective countries to regulate and control the teaching profession in the countries. The key aims of AFTRA and IFTRA are to contribute to the advancement of teaching and learning, promote the professionalization of teaching globally, set international standards for the profession and facilitate co-operation among member nations for the benefit of the education systems of the various countries.

Membership of AFTRA
Full Membership of AFTRA is open to:

.     Teaching Councils of African countries
·     National Teachers Service Commission; Education Service Commission; etc.
·     National/Federal/Provincial/Regional Ministries of Education;
·     National Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in the area of Teacher Education and Practice
·     National Teachers Union of African countries; and
·     Organs of the African union and international Development Partners







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