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SACE Structures


SACE is the professional council for educators, that aims to enhance the status of the teaching profession through appropriate Registration, management of Professional Development and inculcation of a Code of Ethics for all educators. 


The current Council held its first meeting on the 21st of November 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to orientate and familiarize the new Council with SACE in general and its divisional activities in particular. The meeting also nominated the SACE chairperson, statutory and non-statutory committee members and chairpersons.  Mr Rej Brijraj is the Chief Executive Officer. The Chairperson is Ms Veronica Hofmeerster.


The diverse Council consists of thirty members. They are from the Organised Profession (18), Department of Basic Education (5), National Associations representing School Governing Bodies (2), the Council for Higher Education (1), Council for Further Education and Training Institutions (1) and a National body representing Independent Schools. The Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) completes the Council.

The Council convenes at least three times a year and is the highest authority and decision maker for all policies of SACE. It consists of seven committees viz. the Professional Development Committee (PRODCO), Registration Committee (REGCO), Ethics Committee (ETHCOM), Advocacy and Communication (ADVOCCO), Audit Committee (AUDCO) Staffing Committee (STAFFCO) and Finance Committee (FINCO). The governance structure makes a provision for an Executive Committee (EXCO), which oversees policy implementation and administration.

List of SACE Councillors (2013 - 2017)

SACE Chairperson - Ms Veronica Hofmeester (Organized Teaching Profession)
Deputy Chairperson - Dr Louis H Swanepoel (Organized Teaching Profession)


Dr Brahm Fleisch
Mr Elphus Maseko
Dr Hendrik Deacon 
Mr William Bester
Dr Joopie Breed 
Dr Louis Swanepoel 
Ms Gugu Mbhele 
Ms Gaylin Bowles
Mr Geoffrey Harrison
Mr Adam Mosia
Mr Magope Maphila
Mr Mxolisi Bomvana
Mr Tseliso Ledimo
Mr Lucky Cele
Ms Veronica Hofmeester 
Mr Ronald Moroatshehla
Mr Sipho Mayongo
Mr Thabile Kunene  
Mr Walter Hlaise
Mr Jonovan Rustin 
Mr Mokholoane Moloi 
Mr H Makhaga
Mr Kenneth Geza 
Dr Nonhlanhla Nduna-Watson   
Dr Pinkie Mabunda
Mr Enoch Rabotapi
Mrs Marie Schoeman 
Mr Rej Brijraj

Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession
Organized Teaching Profession



The Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Chairperson - V Hofmeerster - (Organized Teaching Profession)
Deputy Chairperson - Dr LH Swanepoel (Organized Teaching Profession)
Chief Executive Officer - R. Brijraj
J.Breed (Organized Teaching Profession)
G. Bowles (Organized Teaching Profession)
M. Maphila (Organized Teaching Profession)
W. Hlaise (Organized Teaching Profession)
Dr. N. Nduna-Watson (DBE)



Must promote, develop and maintain the image of SACE
Must advise the Minister on matters relating to the education and training of educators
Must research and develop a professional development policy and must promote in-service training of all educators
May develop resource materials to initiate and run training programmes, workshops, seminars and short programmes that are designed to enhance the profession
May compile, print and distribute a professional journal and other publications
May establish professional assistance facilities for educators.

The Committee members of PRODCO are:

Chairperson - Dr. N. Nduna-Watson (DBE)

G. Harrison (Organized Teaching Profession)

E. Rabotapi (DBE)

L. Motshwane (Organized Teaching Profession)

B. Fleish (CHE)

A. Mosia (Organized Teaching Profession)

H. Makhaga (DHET)

T. Ledimo (Organized Teaching Profession)

R. Brijraj (CEO)


This Committee oversees the registration work of SACE in as far as the following are concerned:
Consider and make recommendations to the Council on minimum criteria and procedures for the registration or provisional registration of educators.
Consider and make recommendations to the Council on any application for registration or provisional registration
Recommend the period of validity of the registration of an educator to the Council.

The Committee members of REGCO are: 

Chairperson - G. Bowles (Organized Teaching Profession)

T. Kunene (Organized Teaching Profession)

E. Maseko (NASGB)

W. Bester (NAISA)

F. Loliwe (Independent)

M. Schoeman (DBE)

R Brijraj (CEO)



Compose, maintain and from time to time review a code of professional ethics.
Ensure that an alleged breach of the SACE Code of Professional Ethics is investigated Establish panels to investigate and hear complaints against educators.
Ensure that fair hearings in accordance with the procedure determined by the Council are conducted On the basis of a recommendation of the relevant panel, come to a finding and recommend appropriate action if any, to the Council.

The Committee members of ETHCOM are:

Chairperson - Dr LH Swanepoel (Organized Teaching Profession)

R. Moroatsehla (Organized Teaching Profession) 

Dr. P. Mabunda (DBE)

M. Moloi (Organized Teaching Profession)

L. Cele (Organized Teaching Profession)

K. Geza (DBE) 

Dr J. Deacon (FEDSAS)         

R Brijraj (CEO)


Chairperson - J. Breed (Organized Teaching Profession)

G. Bengell (Independent) 

M. Bomvana (Organized Teaching Profession) 

E. Rabotapi (DBE) 

G. Clark (Independent) 

R. Brijraj (CEO) 



This committee deals with SACE staffing matters, which include conditions of service, salaries, appointments, and SACE administrative measures. The Committee members of STAFCO are:

Chairperson - W. Hlaise (Organized Teaching Profession)

C. Nel (Independent) 

J. Rustin (Organized Teaching Profession) 

M. Schoeman (DBE) 

S. Mayongo (Organized Teaching Profession) 

R. Brijraj (CEO) 



This committee deals with the SACE outreach and communications to all stakeholders at various levels.

The Committee members of ADVOCCO are: 

Chairperson - M. Maphila (Organized Teaching Profession)                                                                                           

Dr. P. Mabunda (DBE)                                                                                                                                                        

N. Caluza (Organized Teaching profession) 

R. du Toit (Independent)                                                                                                                                             

G. Mbhele (Organized Teaching Profession)                                                                                                                  

M. Mafunda (Independent)                                                                                                                                                     

R. Brijraj (CEO) 




Chairperson - B. Snayer

K. Karim (Independent)

J. Rustin (Independent)

C. Ndlazi (Independent)

P. White (Independent)


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