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Registration Requirements

1. Qualified educators with Professional Teaching Qualification

1.1 Fully completed SACE application form

1.2 Certified copies of academic and professional qualifications, coupled with academic records

1.3 Certified copy of Matric/ grade 12

1.4 Certified copy of identity document.

2. Person not in possession of a Professional Teacher Qualification 

2.1 Fully completed SACE application form

2.2 Matric plus M3 or equivalent qualification

2.3 Certified copies of academic and professional qualifications; coupled with academic records

2.4 Certified copy of identity document;

2.5 Letter of recommendation from employer/prospective employer, indicating grades and learning areas;

2.6 Proof that the school is registered by the Department of Basic Education, that is, certificate of registration with EMIS number;

2.7 If studying towards education qualification then 2.5 and 2.6 falls off.

2.8 Therapists must submit a certified valid copy of HPCSA certificate. 

3. Foreign educators

3.1 Fully completed SACE application form;

3.2 Original Evaluation Report (of foreign qualifications) from either the DHE or SAQA must accompany the application form;

3.3 Certified copies of academic and/or professional qualifications as submitted to SAQA;

3.4 Certified copy of Passport and valid proof of legal entry into South Africa;

3.5 Certified copy of police clearance certificate;

3.6 Proof of employment or pending employment as a teacher at a school in South Africa. 

4. ECD Practitioners 

4.1 Fully completed SACE application form.

4.2 Certified copy of a complete ECD Higher certificate with 120 credits for Level 4 and 240 credits for level 5.

4.3 Certified copy of an Identity Document.

5. AET Educator

5.1 Fully completed SACE application form.

5.2 Certified copy of a complete AET certificate with 120 credits.

5.3 Certified copy of an Identity Document.

6. FET Educator

6.1 Fully completed SACE application form.

6.2 N3 plus Trade Test or N6 or National Diploma.

6.3 Letter of recommendation from the Employer.

6.4 Certified copy of an Identity Document.

NB: All certified copies must not be older than 3 months and only original certified copies will be accepted.

7. Registration Fees

7.1 The application for registration must be accompanied by a registration fee of R200.00 for South African Educators and R400.00 for Foreign Educators. The annual levy is R120.00.

8. Replacement of a lost certificate or any proof of registration

8.1 A letter of request with certified copy of an Identity Document/ Passport should be submitted to the SACE office, together with a fee of R50, before a copy could be printed. Updates and extensions are done at a service fee of R50.

9. Mistakes committed by applicants

9.1 Application form not completed in full.

9.2 Certificates not attached.

9.3 Certificates not certified.

9.4 Certification older than three months.

9.5 Fraudulent Certificates.

9.6 Foreign educators not including proof of legal entry.

9.7 Foreign qualifications not evaluated by SAQA or DHE.

9.8 Submitting academic qualifications – without proof of employment

9.9 Incomplete Academic qualifications, e.g. BA degree not completed.

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