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How to fill in the application form

Compiled by Charlotte Ngobeni (Registration Manager)

This guide on completing the SACE application form is meant to assist educators in completing the form.

The SACE Act, Act no31 of 2000, mandates educators to register with SACE. The Act applies to educators appointed in terms of the Employment of educators Act, the South African Schools Act and the Further Education and Training Act.

The abovementioned educators are employed at public schools (from grade R to grade 12); recognized independent schools (grade R to grade 12); further education and training institutions and adult learning centres.


  • To facilitate the outreach. 
  • To serve as a guide in completing the SACE application form.


This training manual should assist educators to:

  • Speed up registration;
  • Complete the forms properly;
  • Reduce the prospect of invalid forms being posted to the office;


  • Read instructions carefully.
  • Use either a blue or black pen.
  • Do not use a pencil, red or green pen.
  • Complete the form in capital letters.
  • Complete both the postal and residential address.
  • Sign on the line at the end of the form.
  • Fill in the date at the end of the form, and post immediately.
  • Write both the home and work telephone numbers. A cell number is acceptable.
  • Attach original certified copies of qualifications (certificates).
  • The copies of certificates should be certified by the Commissioner of Oaths.
  • The registration fee of R200.00 (S.A. Educators) and R400.00 (Foreign Educators) in the form of a postal order, should accompany the application.


  • The monthly levy of R10.00 is paid by all educators who are employed. Educators in public schools, paid via persal have the levy automatically deducted in favour of SACE. The deduction does not mean that one is registered. To register, one has to apply by completing the application form.
  • No person should complete and sign the application form on behalf of any educator.
  • The registration process takes at least two weeks from the date the application is received in the office. This period excludes the postage period.
  • Walk in registration: The office is not designed for this purpose, though we do accept people who come to our office personally. Even though we issue certificates on the spot, where possible, we cannot guarantee issuing a certificate immediately all the time.
  • We are busy setting up systems, e.g. applying via the web-side. At this point we still need the original application form with the signature, as it is a contractual agreement.




  • Surname:  Fill in your present surname, as you would like it to appear on your certificate (as it appears on the ID document)
  • Maiden name: This applies only to married women. It is the parents’ (father’s) surname. Men and single women do not have a maiden name, and thus they should not fill in this block. This surname appears on the birth certificate.
  • Name (s):  Fill in your full names, as you would like them to appear on the certificate (as they appear on the ID document).
  • ID Number:  South African Identity Document has thirteen digits.
    For non South African citizens, a passport number will suffice, as long as the permit and proof of employment/pending employment are attached to the application.
  • Date of birth:  Start with the last two digits of the year, then proceed with the month, and conclude with the day.
    For example: 651217 1805 104
  • Gender:  Tick either M for male or F for female
  • Title:    E.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Doctor, Professor, etc.
  • Postal address: Where you would like your registration certificate to be posted. This is a PO Box, Private Bag, Street, Block or Section, etc.
  • Residential address: This is the physical address, where you live, and where you are found when people come to you personally (visiting). It could either be a street, block or section.
  • Employee number (persal no.): Fill in the eight digits. This is only applicable to public schools. This number is unique for every teacher in the public school
  • Pay point (of your school): This is only applicable to public schools. It is the same number for all the educators whose posts are attached to the same school.
  • School address: Preferably physical address. Only applicable to educators who are employed. Student educators and unemployed educators should leave the space blank.
  • Type of school: This implies the school where one is employed. Choose from the list at the top of page 2 of the form.
    Province: The province in which the school where you are teaching is situated.


  • Qualification: State Matric (Grade12), Diploma(s) and/or Degree(s).
    Note: Foreign qualifications should be quality assured by the Suth African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
    The Contact number is (012) 431-5000
  • Institution: Where you studied (Matric (Grade 12), diploma and/or degree, etc.)
  • Year obtained: Year in which you completed your studies, (wrote your final examination) before you received the certificate.
  • REQV: Previously termed Category. This implies the number of years allocated for the completion of your recognised post Matric/Grade 12 qualification(s) on a full time basis. The starting point for SACE registration is REQV 13, which implies a three-year educational diploma. REQV range from 13 to 17.
  • Post level:  
          1 Class teacher
          2 Head of department
          3 Deputy principal or principal at primary school
          4 Principal at either at primary or high school
          5 Only applicable to Office Based Educators,
          6 Only applicable to Office Based Educators
  • Language: This is the language preference for communication.


  • Fill in either Yes or No.
  • Yes:  If you have ever been charged by the employer or Department of Education.
  • Yes: If legal proceedings were ever instituted against you by any competent authority, like a court of law.
  • No: If no disciplinary proceedings were instituted by an employer.
  • No: If you were never charged by any authority.
  • Signature: Please sign the form at the end. A form that is not signed is regarded as null and void.
  • Date: Please write the date prior to posting the form. An undated form is regarded as null and void, and this delays the registration process.


Click here to download the SACE Application form


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